Foreign jihadists composition in ME region #ISIS


Interesting article and intellectual read proving right &solid hon.KSA king worries stated loud and clear couple of days ago re terrorism “if not combated soon enough” will hit western countries soon, evidenced by the foreign terrorists composition graph indicating that extremists ideas has already transferred to western countries especially european ones may be those some european countries provided safe havens to some extremists whom started their own recruitment for their terroristic causes & criminal actions under the name of Islam and Islam is innocent from such devilish values.Guess simply its not an islamic /ideological difference nor a holy war fought to support islam as those terrorists are trying to convince their recruiters and followers instead its a pure political game and gain evidenced by the “cilaphite” idea which aims at possessing the chair and eliminating borders to gain more control on the regions wealth and ultimatly the world more than applying the islamic values and regulations. One pure example is MB whom turned to violence then manipulated & camouflaged such violence by using democratic elections to reach Egypt’s ruling chair and once they r their they did nothing that sounded Islamic on the contrary Morsy & MB’s ” during their 1year presidency” extended authorisation for nightclubs &other spots selling liquors from 1-3 years!! Where there is nothing islamic about such decision, on the contrary it does not get along with its essence. Terrorism these days believes in no country nor religion simply its aiming at the regions wealth and ruling power.


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