National Security “NS” measures and parameters meters are fixed and the same world wide

Guess when analyzing national security “NS” in pure subjective manner it’s noticed that such concept by definition has same parameters and dimensions in every country.Each country defends its NS incorporating borders and back yards where NS is composed of several circles that needs protection w/different degrees. A good example is the cuban missile crisis occurred during cold war era where Russia ” known as USSR by that time” by placing missiles in Cuba reciprocated to eminent threat to its NS when US placed missiles “capable of reaching Moscow” in Italy and turkey “those countries where considered backyards to USSR NS”. Guess nowadays history repeats itself as NS is a solid concept could not by definition be subject to flexible nor double measures.–weak-response-to-russia-s-actions-in-ukraine >> worth reading article introducing intellectual POV guess it proves that the international political unilateral system shaped post cold war era will reflect the current multipolar economic system since economics and politics are two faces for the same coin and move hand by hand together. Such fact should be reflected soon on the voting powers in the UN by incorporating new emerging powers including BRICS countries. The attached image indicates that BRICS countries have moved international system structure from solid to flexible one where its economic power especially its massive FC reserve has given them a huge maneuvering space and capabilities vis-a-avis political pressure from other powers. Guess such economic weight will be of great advantage when establishing the contemplated BRICS bank which will demolish and minimize any sanctions effect. Nowadays and previous financial crisis proved that the international world economy composed of aggregate individual country economies are highly correlated, dependent and intertwined meaning sanctions harming major power economy will definitely harm other interrelated economies and by domino effect will surly cause world economic growth to sluggish even if by small percentage and the world has just recovered from a deep economic depression suffered during the past years. The point the whole world will benefit more from working together on common and mutual grounds rather than struggling with ideological differences inherited from long time ago, guess its common interest that should unite world to prosper and less concentrate on using repelling methods.Bwd7V1CCAAATLQ_


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