NATO Summit UK 2014 : will it be the new grand chess board?? , informative press briefing illustrating intellectual argument re NATO upcoming summit, yet such thorough analysis predicts “beside other media reports” hearing cold war drums once more and guess if god forbid such massive war is triggered really it does not matter pointing fingers at who launched it because its consequences and impact will affect all international players. Recalling historical events the cold war ended by using many tools one of those was what is known by Star Wars or Strategic Defense Initiative “SDI” acting in its capacity as a stability/instability paradox tool and being an influential deterrence method & was transformed post-cold war era into a regional program. Guess this raises a question of why NATO might utilize outdated tactics & deploy troops and missiles in Europe in a step that seems to be provocative to Russia to use additional force “as quoted in the press briefing transcript” while US possess star wars program that could deter any country in a matter of seconds? That being said, leads to another question, was such SDI technology as described back in the 80’s a science fiction unrealistic option, which I do believe isn’t the case nowadays with all technological breakthroughs US is discovering and inventing such program is doable and attainable by US, so if this is the case why relying on regional escalation and proxy wars that with enough force and power could be easily escalated and out of control leading to undesirable strategic results? Guess this leaves the analysis with a most likely reason for summit purpose is to monitor and move Russia’s reaction towards a certain desired path that Western strategist are seeking to achieve. A typical grand chess board maneuvers and tactics bearing into mind that today’s completely different from 70’s and 80’s grand chessboard. One of the interesting intellectual sentences mentioned in the briefing is “but we have to react to the instability, and quite frankly, it ensures stability. It does not increase instability”. Guess such sentence embeds the idea of butterfly theory and effect along with chaos theory by creating stability from instability. Economically an optimum equilibrium stable point is the one intersection where AD=AS. Reaching such point in economics requires changing and altering well defined measured and calculated market factors, while trying to reach such well-defined highly measured and balanced equilibrium in IR / NS / FP mainly European Security fields I guess will not be attainable nor applicable when applying butterfly and chaos theories as most of its associated differentials equations parameters “i.e. β,σ and ρ” are uncontrollable and such equations are subject to many “ε” or “Error Terms/ unpredictable factors” as you can’t control what you can’t predict, meaning that such butterfly effect once leashed produces multiple uncontrollable consequences and reactions even if the original chess move played on the board was highly calculated and thoroughly accounted for all of its factors and opponent reactions. Guess strategically one of the cons of such theories when applied and triggered is most likely ending up with the most undesirable & worst case result that may tremble the whole strategy and ultimately harms the strategic targets and goals. I highly think that NATO upcoming summit will be more lucrative if it succeeds in dismantling crisis around the world especially the European regional one and applying further cooperation between NATO and Russia by further building and investing in the constructive dialogue mentioned in the 1997 pact. I will always believe that finding common grounds will always be the right, respectful and rational answer.BwlIQaKCAAELI1pBwlIPvBCYAASpuC


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