#Egypt Regulations organizing and preserving Law &Order: why are they respected and accepted when they are applied abroad but not when applied by Egypt??

http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/egyptsource/the-ongoing-campaign-to-restrict-egypt-s-public-space?utm_content=bufferf0f8a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#.VBLV7_2HYw4.twitter >> despite I differ with many aspects and themes mentioned in the article, nevertheless, I concur to the closing paragraph underlined as a conclusion. As a starter, I differ with what have been mentioned / implied in the article’s preamble / opening paragraph, as I think since some journalists incorporating the honorable writer succeeded and managed to attain their permits and discovered about the new regulation, this has nothing to do with luck and does not pardon other honorable journalists from ignoring or skipping close follow up to Egypt’s latest regulations that are highly correlated to their jobs. As it is well known and applied worldwide that every right has its associated responsibility towards society and country. In addition, every right isn’t practiced without its legal limits; there are limits to human actions which are regulated by the country’s laws and regulations.

Such regulations are present in the US and other Western democratic countries. Tackling an interesting concept is what is known by Military Exclusion Zone “MEZ” as defined in >>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_exclusion_zone , is an area in the immediate vicinity of a military action established by a country to prevent the unauthorized entry of civilian personnel/equipment for their own safety. This concept was applied by UK in 1982 during the Falklands War. Mentioning this zone example is of great importance when recalling civilians/ journalists mass irritation when they were prohibited for their safety by honorable Egyptian Army to cover some aspects of War on Terrorism operation conducted in Sinai Peninsula post June 30 revolution. The question why such regulation is tolerable when applied by authorities in western countries but not when applied by Egyptian ones??

Code of ethics in media >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_of_ethics_in_media, is another point that is of great interest and proves that Media and Journalism fields hold great responsibility towards their societies by applying the attached mentioned codes of ethics and practices that assist in enhancing their credibility in front of their viewers and readers. That being said, it is true that as far as I know there is nothing obliging media to act in a professional honest responsible manner except their conscious. Nevertheless, in case they breached such code with different actions, I highly think that the payback of such deeds vary from loss of professional credibility and the society’s trust till legal prosecution. Examples of cases of Journalists prosecution in western countries includes but not limited to British phone hacking scandal “Leveson Report” along with James Risen case >> http://www.businessinsider.com/james-risen-case-obama-journalism-press-freedom-2014-8, and many other cases.

Now, the article raised an important argument regarding reasons behind Egyptian people being suspicious of any journalist wondering the streets during the past year and being really aggressive with them and highly cautious towards any material they broadcast. Well, in my humble opinion, let me say this in simple words, I guess it is the lost credibility and trust towards media stemmed from broadcasting falsified rumors, unprofessional coverage and negative reports broadcasted and published about Egypt during the past three years especially intensifying and concentrated post June 30 revolution. I highly believe that it is completely unfair to generalize such negative attitude and unprofessional media coverage on all but I assume one of the worse cons of media and journalism is that if people found one rot apple unfortunately they think it is contagious and affects the whole. A clear example of a negative hostile media coverage was Al Jazeera “acting on behalf of MB’s” especially post June 30 revolution with all it’s well known news fabrication.

As for civil society section, no doubts that they play an important role in constructing and building a democratic healthy civilized country. Nevertheless, such field is regulated to preserve the country’s sovereignty rights and National Security “NS” requirements. As an interesting example is the Foreign NGO’s regulations and requirements in US according to US Embassy in Cairo >> http://egypt.usembassy.gov/ngos.html, some certain quotations attracted my attention reading as follows: “Of course, laws that are generally applicable to all Americans may apply to NGOs, such as restrictions on receiving contributions from a terrorist organization. There are also restrictions on direct financial support of political candidates by foreign individuals”. “Before foreign organizations are able to conduct activities in any particular U.S. state, they must apply for a license to conduct business in that state”. In addition and with accordance to the Foreign Agents Registration Act “FARA”, a disclosure requirement reads as follows: “FARA requires people acting as agents of foreign principals under certain circumstances to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts, and disbursements in support of those activities”. So again my question, why such regulations are considered normal to be applied in US to preserve its NS while its viewed as odd and awkward when applied and requested by Egyptian government??

Finally, I would like to raise as well the issue of western countries right to protect and preserve its NS from foreign interference evidenced by latest investigation conducted by NYT >> http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/07/us/politics/foreign-powers-buy-influence-at-think-tanks.html?_r=0 , regarding concerns of foreign powers buying influence into US major think tanks through funding their research process and products and thus, might be biasing the US strategic Decision Making “DM” towards the interests of those powers.

To recap, all countries incorporating western democratic ones aspire to be a law country and nurture its people freedom and achieve its prosperity by applying law and regulations and at the same time do whatever it takes to protect its sovereignty rights, dignity, pride and national security. All countries apply its law and regulations, so kindly note Egypt is not less and its laws and regulations should be respected when applied like all other sovereign states. .


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