President of #Egypt #Sissi interview with AP: Egypt’s Comprehensive Counter Terrorism “CT” Strategy., >> this article represents the first foreign press agency interview with honorable POE Al-Sissi post the Egyptian presidential elections and his excellency inauguration. I suggest reading the Arabic transcript of the whole interview >> ,, is a must to stand upon the president’s exact words regarding many controversial issues debated in the local and international arenas.

The aforementioned article could be tackled from different aspects and point of views but what really attracted my attention and seems interesting is the writers’ opinion embedded in the interview text concerning POE strategy to defy terrorism globally and locally. Such opinion was quoted as follows: “He said any strategy must also deal with the causes of militancy by fighting poverty, improving education and moderating religious discourse. When all that happens together, it will bring a decisive result. His comments seemed a contradiction: So far, Egypt’s main approach has been the heavy-handed crushing of Islamists, along with other critics, bringing it international condemnation”.

His Excellency statements urging international community to craft a comprehensive CT strategy is of no contradiction with the Egyptian practical approach so far from my point of view. On the contrary to what the writer opinion is implying, it is consistent with the Egyptian CT comprehensive strategy according to many events that could be summarized as follows:

  1. Despite the honorable Egyptian Army launched its war on terrorism almost two years ago and announced resorting partially to the security solutions and measures in CT especially in Sinai Peninsula, nevertheless and since day one, honorable Egyptian army spokesman mentioned explicitly in many of his press conferences “violence will be confronted by violence and reason will be confronted by reason”. Worth noting that this slogan was announced during the period His Excellency was acting as MOD and still applied till now, as such superb discipline and beliefs are woven deep in the Egyptian Army principal’s fabric proving that the designated strategy is / was not hovering around security measures and tactics alone.
  2. Egypt started moderating religious discourse through sending some of honorable Al Azhar tutors to many areas and Egyptian governorates especially in Sinai with purpose of solidifying true concepts of moderate Islam along with correcting and straightening mixed ones. This occurred on several occasions during the past couple of years to facilitate the security forces missions in combating terrorism by explaining to ordinary people terrorism misuse and distortion of Islam merciful non- violent principals. Thus cutting off one of terrorism powerful tools and means represented in people’s compassion and sympathy for their falsifying causes. This task is also conducted by honorable religious endowments ministry employees ensuring that only accredited certified mosques Islamic speakers and orators “Imams” are authorized to give Islamic speeches and lessons to ordinary people at mosques.
  3. Egypt started to improve its education by allocating further educational reserves in the current fiscal year budget along with the completion of building number of schools. Moreover there are contemplated strategies of further enhancement in this regard evidenced by his excellency inaugurating lately the Supreme Council for Egypt’s Scientists and Experts with the purpose of crafting scientific strategies and solutions addressing many of the country’s chronic problems and issues incorporating education.
  4. Fighting poverty is one of the main pillars and themes illustrated in POE latest ambitious restructures and bold economic decisions evidenced by the government intervention to ensure that the poor truly benefit from the governmental subsidies along with enhancing the basic goods quality sold to the poor and even control its prices whenever necessary.

That being said, I assume that Egypt’s CT strategy is truly a comprehensive one and not only based on security measures or military tactics as claimed or implied by the esteemed article.


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