America’s Leadership: What Happens when Politics and Economics do not play ball together?? >> Op-Ed by hon. POA Barack Obama tackling an argument of means and tools that US should follow to keep and preserve its leadership in an uncertain world. Definitely this is not an easy task to do in a certain predictable world so I am truly wondering about the extent of effort and planning needed to achieve success in unpredictable uncertain world where many factors are uncontrollable. Not commenting here on means, tools or even factors rather highlighting some comments on the Op-Ed main themes mentioned.

Guess one of the main themes and thoughts missing to preserve and achieve US leadership is the economic aspect. What are the US Administration “acting in their capacity as world leaders” views and strategy for drying up terrorism finance pots and tools to follow up the terrorism financial networks globally?? What is US plans “acting in their capacity as world leaders” to stimulate growth and enhance investment flows globally as suggested by hon. Economic Advisor El-Erian in this article >> ,?? What are US “acting in their capacity as world leaders” economic plans to stimulate other developing economies and achieve sustainable economic development for unfortunate people globally?? Isn’t this leadership actions I assume no country could achieve a political or international breakthrough without a massive economic backup or strategic plan. Relying alone on mighty military capabilities or building international coalitions to face terrorism demons builds no real leadership especially if such coalition is combined by excluding other major world “economic” powers like Russia and China. Now it is well known that economics and politics are intertwined and two faces for the same coin, thus claiming leadership in one aspect “i.e. Unipolar political system” and denying other powers and leaderships in another “ Multi-Polar economic system” creates in-equilibrium in international system according to capability and power equations which requires corrections by nature to restore equilibrium. This remind us of one famous historical correction example when the British Empire collapsed and lost its world leadership to other world escalating powers and tigers by that time Germany, US and USSR pre and post WWII.

I assume another ideology should be abandoned is the Cold war era ideology and rivalry, if the top niche economic and financial officials wish to stimulate global economic growth. Bearing into mind that those economies capable of pouring massive investments into global economy as desired are BRICS countries mainly China and Russia. One right thing hon. POA mentioned “we do not act alone”, I guess if America want this world to have a chance especially economically it should account for / cooperate with other leaderships in different fields and aspects incorporating both politics and economics.


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